Hi, my name is Fatou Balde and I’m a communications student with an interest in content creation, digital marketing and public relations.

I’m a first year Communications student at Glendon College – York University, with experience in digital marketing and project management. I’m an avid learner, having sought out internships and volunteer opportunities to gain experience and learn new skills.

I have a variety of professional interests. I’ve published articles for Her Campus, Vinazine, Healthy Minds Canada and other publications. I’ve managed social media for three different companies and have assisted in various events in the fields of public policy, arts and professional development. I’m also a huge advocate for mental health, as can be seen with my work with Healthy Minds Canada and writing on Invisible Illness. 

I’m currently looking for more opportunities – work, internships, volunteer – in the fields of communications, marketing and non-profit. You can reach my by e-mail or add me on LinkedIn to connect.